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Cadara Energy Resources Ltd (CERL) was incorporated on the 21st December 2020, as a fully incorporated company to carry out sales, marketing, and distribution of both Oil and Gas.


Bulk LPG Supply

We offer bulk LPG supply to commercial and industrial customers, catering to their specific energy requirements. The company provides customized solutions, including storage infrastructure, delivery options, and technical support to optimize the utilization of LPG in these sectors.


Storage and Distribution

We maintain an extensive network of storage with strategic partners on terminals strategically located to ensure a reliable supply chain. The company utilizes advanced logistics and distribution systems to efficiently deliver LPG to customers, including households, businesses, and industries.


Gas Importation and Sales

We aim to import LPG as 60% of LPG consumption in Nigeria is imported from other countries to meet the demand for the product. We have formed alliances to achieve this in the nearest future.

Our C.E.O

As the visionary leader at the helm of our organization, our CEO is a distinguished expert in the dynamic and complex realm of the oil and gas sector, with an unparalleled proficiency in LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), propane, and various other facets of the industry. With a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the energy landscape, our CEO has played a pivotal role in steering the company towards success in an ever-evolving market.

Her strategic foresight and comprehensive knowledge of the oil and gas value chain have not only propelled the organization to new heights but also positioned us as a key player in the global energy market.


Overview of the LPG Industry

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We Are

We started by selling 50MT (MT – Metric Tonne) of LPG (a standard truck is 20MT) per week in January 2021 and by December we were selling an average of 300MT per week. We have successfully traded over 20,000MT of LPG within the last 2 years.

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