About Us


Cadara Energy Resources Ltd (CERL) was incorporated on the 21st December 2020, as a fully incorporated company to carry out sales, marketing, and distribution of both Oil and Gas. We presently distribute LPG, LPG, which stands for Liquefied Petroleum Gas.

Cadara Energy is a company dedicated to the production, distribution, and marketing of LPG products. LPG is a versatile energy source used worldwide for various applications, including residential, commercial, and industrial purposes. As a leading player in the LPG industry, the company strives to provide safe, efficient, and sustainable energy solutions to its customers. We are committed to by making it available and accessible for various use such as domestic (cooking gas), industrial (such as refrigerants, cooling, and agriculture), and transportation (Autogas) uses.


Our Core Values


Project Planning

this is our mantra for every other value, we believe that in dealing with organizations and individuals there must be the highest level of integrity displayed, and our activities on and off-site must always be ethical including our environment. We take pride in ensuring that our daily activities have little impact on the environment and the people.



Every human should be treated with utmost respect irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity, or social background. This is emphasized in our team’s attitude towards our clients, staff, and the organization.



We believe in our work ethics and practices imbibe in our company culture, we are an open organization and we take pride in us being accountable.


Adaptive and Transformative

we have built our business processes, procedures, governance, and policies to be adaptive to change. We are a flexible company formed with a futuristic approach to our ways of engagement in other to allow for innovation which brings about growth and development.


Safety and Regulatory Compliance

We place utmost importance on safety and compliance with industry standards and regulations. The company invests in rigorous safety training programs, equipment maintenance, and monitoring systems to mitigate risks associated with LPG handling, transportation, and storage.


More About Us

We are focused on ensuring and contributing to the Gas penetration agenda of the federal government to make gas available to the last mile within the society at an affordable rate to drive the demand and expand the usage of gas in Nigeria.

Nigeria is predominantly a gas economy with over 200 billion SCF of gas reserves in Nigeria which is grossly untapped and underutilized. The recent removal of fuel subsidy by the federal government has presented a new opportunity for gas to be competitive with other fuels which were previously subsided.

We are committed to taking advantage of this recent opportunity to position our company to drive the gas penetration agenda in Nigeria and Africa. Gas is a cleaner, economical, readily available, and more environmentally friendly fuel than other fuels and shouldn’t be seen as an alternative but a primary source of energy.

Cadara Energy is a leading player in the LPG industry, offering a comprehensive range of LPG products and services. With a focus on safety, sustainability, and customer satisfaction,

Cadara Energy strives to be the preferred choice for reliable and efficient energy solutions. Through its commitment to excellence and innovation, we continue to play a vital role in meeting the growing energy demands of households, businesses, and industries worldwide.